Team Roster

Major personalities

Grand Prix Champion: Kyle Gibson

Played Since: 2009

After a number of years powering through the Melbourne magic scene Kyle really pushed the bar up another level when he reached the top 8 of GP Brisbane 2019 and took on all comers to take home the trophy. 

Kyle’s humble approach in his day to day discussions of the game means that many don’t immediately realise how much depth of analysis he brings to play after play and suddenly find themselves at zero life.

A truly devoted Living End player in the modern format he has taken on some of the greats at events ranging from GPs to Pro-Tours and enjoy’s bringing his viewpoints to The Faction Podcast from time to time.

The 'casters: Trent Clark / Ian Cormick / Daniel Papak

Trent, Ian and Dan are the backbone of The Faction Podcast. The three, plus the occasional special guest, bring a focus on the Melbourne and Australian magic scene, happily ranging across constructed, limited, and life in general.

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The Manager: Michael Hood

Played Since: 1994

As the founder and inspiration for The Faction, “Hoods” as he is known works tirelessly to support, guide and encourage the team.

Over the last several years he has drawn forth those rising stars in Melbourne’s magic scene who have wanted to seek out and embrace the friendship and competitive spirit epitomised by The Faction.

Michael also streams a variety of non-MtG content on twitch at

The Coach: Shane Dalliston

Played Since: 1995

Shane was an early member of The Faction and since that time has sought to ensure we have a steady stream of events and drafts to hone our competitive edge. As one of the best limited players in Australia he has also ensured that the team is well connected to the broader community at the top tier of Australian competition.

The Streamer: Nathan Whalen

Nathan is another public face of The Faction, who both individually and across Team RPTQ’s and Team GP’s been one of The Faction’s top players. He boasts an excellent technical game and competitive drive with his usual easy-going attitude slipping beneath a laser-like focus on the game at hand.

Nathan also streams high quality M:tG content on twitch at at a convenient evening time slot for Australian viewers.

The Roster

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