Ian Cormick

Cube lover and host of the Faction Podcast. Specialises in building zany (bad) combo decks, playing overnight tournaments while half asleep, and losing to Trent in draft. Faction Champs 2019 runner up. @AlabasterWolfie on Twitter and Discord

An MTGO screenshot of a four colour Slush Puppy deck.

Highlander Win-a-Mox League – Week 1

Wednesday evening. Brain still lagging after work.  Time to rumble. First opponent: Rob Lark. Kess aficionado, Adelaide player. South Australia v Victoria. State pride on the line. My deck? Slush puppy. His deck? Kess control. Unsurprising. Blue mirror. Decision intensive. Experience counts. Advantage Rob. Uphill climb for me. Game 1. First hand: one land, cantrip, …

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